Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Minimalist Inspiration Tag Questions

Hi again,

As i already mentioned before, I am working on actually owning less things, I will even eventually go through my books as well, but they get to stay for now. i do love my books.

To get inspiration to tidy, organise and get rid of (donation, recycle or in the bin) stuff i no longer need, want or use i often watch YouTube videos

Abundantly Mimimal is one of the many channels I watch, and this time Sarah has made a Tag video and I thought i could try to answer her Tag questions.

Minimalist Inspiration Tag Questions: 1. Why do you want to be a minimalist? OR Why do you practice a minimalist lifestyle?
I have realised that i get stressed when it's really messy and I can't focus with too much stuff lying to "free my mind" and make my life easier..i need to have less clutter around. Well, that's the main reason anyway. 2. What have been the toughest items or toughest groups of items to get rid of, and how did you overcome that?
Actually nothing yet...or maybe the knitting magazines...I haven't gotten rid of the completely..I have kept the patters I may wish to use at a later date. I think i really want to keep this thing..most of the time it's no..sometimes yes.
3. Who or what helps inspire you to declutter when you get stuck?
YouTube videos, might talk about the different channels I follow at some later point. 4. What did/does your decluttering process look like?
My goal for 2018 is to have 2018 things less than in 2017. I have my Bullet Journal spread and my colouring pencils..and I fill in one square for each thing I "get rid" of. I go into a room and just look through I use this old cheap necklace? Have I worn in the last 5 years? If I haven't...why hold on to it, obviously I don't love it! 5. How has your minimalist journey benefitted you so far?
I have less stuff, and it seems easier to clean. My mind is a little more focused..but of am far from finished, so maybe in 2019 I'll feel completely free.
6. What is your best piece of advice you have for other who are seeking a more minimalist lifestyle?
Honestly...just start in one room, in one shelf or one drawer....!

One thing at a time..if it's hard to get started..just try to find ONE thing every day. Today, i have so far found 5 things..very small things, but still...! Yesterday..ashamed to say it...i threw out 4 balls of useless wool. I had kept them for years. How silly is that?

I want another two things less in my house today, so I better start searching for them.

Take care, until next time.

Hugs, Linn


  1. Very inspiring - thank you for that. I don't really plan on going minimalist, but I find the lifestyle interesting. For a start, I would love to get more organised and less attached to things. My 'toughest' items are all things paper (books, stationery, greeting cards... I tend to accumulate that sort of thing! But I use it in the end, so maybe that doesn't count?) and 'family heirlooms' - a bit of an euphemism, I know, but I inherited all sorts of things from my mother that I know I won't use, yet I can't chuck them out because... they're all still good, if you know what I mean. I'm looking for ways to sell or donate these items, but it's quite a struggle as sentimental feelings get into the way. For getting started on decluttering in general, I can recommend Vicky Silverthorn's book 'Start with your sock drawer'. What I like about is it that she just gives advice by showing you an example of how things could work, but it's really suggestions, she doesn't make a religion out of it, if you know what I mean. There is no one-size-fits-all solution that works for everyone, so I like that approach. Good luck with your project :-)

  2. Hi Linn!
    This is great! I saw your link from Sarah's video of her Minimalist Inspiration Tag! Love this!
    xo Tiffany


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