Friday, 4 February 2011

Scrappy Granny Squares

 I finished the blanket for my daughter's bed

 The blanket was started in 18th April 2008
 I have used only scrap wool for the squares
 Some of the squares are not basic granny squares, this square is from a Garnstudio baby blanket (rav link)
 This is another Garnstudio square

 The cat Solveig has found her place on the blanket indeed!
 My two girls :)

 Edging, I am loving it.
Very happy with this one, so I have started another one:)


  1. Lekkert teppe :) så gøy at du har brukt forskjellige lappe mønstret det gjorde hele teppe lekkert :)

  2. Gorgeous - well worth all that had work! Mx


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