Sunday, 22 August 2010

40 nice things

I have been inspired by a girl called Pia she wrote 40 nice things in her blog..and I thought it was a really good idea, and it will make me think a little about what I have and what i here goes...!

1. My daughter
2. my own house
3. kittens when playing
4. Daughter when sleeping
5. when I really just want to knit, and I have the possibillity to do so
6.a really hot bath
7. Newly washed and airdried bedding
8. the feeling when i have finished a really hard workout
9. the smell of newly cut grass
10.a really good book
12. walking in the rain
13, the perfect cup of coffee
14. planning all the things I would like to knit and crochet
15. talking to my granny on the phone
16. a glass of wine
17 . a smile and hello from a stranger
18. surprise phonecall from a friend
19. a film that I just have to watch to the end
20. going to a drive in the car to places I have never been
21. my daughter saying she loves me
22 a hug from the same girl
23.memories from the past
24 . excitement of a new day
25. having a fridge full of food
26. having clothes that fit well and looks good
27. Having a brother that I really care about
28. a sister i law that is fantastic
29..having a sister that I really care about
30 Having a really cool brother in law
31. a purring cat
32. blackout curtains in the summer
33 .waking up because i was not tired anymore
34. going to bed early, and really FEEL my lovely bed
35. newly washed clothes
36. talking to good friends for hours and hours
37. having visitors in the house
38. a hug from my husband
39. presents only for me
40. the reaction when giving people something they never expected

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  1. For en god ide, og for en fin liste :-) Det er mange ting å være glad for i livet :-)


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