Friday, 13 August 2010

Solveig the kitten

I am sure I did say pomething about posting pictures of our kitten, she was born on June 5th,so by now she is nine weeks old, and we have had her over a week already. 
She is such a cutie, and she talks alot too...and her personality is getting bigger and bigger by the day, just as it should I guess. 
Here she is:


Here she is 8 weeks old, same day that we got her home

Here you can see her stripey body
 Solveig is attacking the toy kitten:) and could it be the daughters socks that has been dragged under the table too??

Who enjoys a litte sun? Yes, she is a sunloving cat, might have to buy one of those radioator cat beds;)

Ahhhh, our beautiful Solveig


  1. Så nydelig pus! Koselig med kattuner, de er så fulle av liv.
    Ha en god helg!

  2. Så søt pus og fint sjal i innlegget under.


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