Thursday, 5 August 2010

Another one

I have been busy these last few weeks, trying to finish a couple of things that I have been working on for some time now. When will I learn to knit or crochet one thing at a time???

I am hoping that the last part of 2010 is when I will start on that partucular thing. Working on one thing at a time! 
Wish me luck!!

The first Christmas Present is finished...and here it is..I will not tell who it's for, but it's for a family member;)

I have used King Cole Mirage, and 4.0 mm circular needles. 
Fairly happy with it, but I wish I had enough patience to do one more repetition.'s finished now, and would like to make on for myself as well...But for now.....Finish what I am doing!!
Princess showing off the shawl

And her you can truly see the colours, I do love this one, we (Nan and I atleast)call it thew Noro coulored King Cole.

Did I evermentionthat King Cole has some new colours? I haven't had a proper look at them, but they looked NICE, so when school starts up again, I'll be down to my LYS to have a better look.
Can't wait!!

Oh...I guess I forgot to tell you  that we have a new family member

A little tortoise coloured kitten, her name is SOLVEIG and she is 8 weeks old. 
Pictures coming soon!


  1. Så nydelige sjal du strikker, god helg til deg:))

  2. Nydelig sjal i en nydelig farge.
    Ønsker deg ei riktig så god helg.

  3. Så fint sjal. Og gratulerer med nytt "familiemedlem". Koselig med katt. :o)

    Å BARE holde på med ett prosjekt om gangen er da imot naturlovene?

  4. Nydelige sjal du har strikket, både dette og det i forrige innlegg!

  5. Satser på at jeg er familiemedlemmet som får det til jul??? :P
    Det var knallfint, altså! :D


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