Monday, 16 August 2010

Picknit in Glasgow

I was in Glasgow yesterday, meeting up with the Glasgow Picknitters, Jessica and Casey from Ravelry and Ysolda Teague.We were between 80 and 90 knitters I was told. I had a marvellous day!!

Here are some photos...! First we went for a little trip to The Clockwork Orange..(the Glasgow underground)
Gloria winding some wool on the Glasgow underground

The picknit boss Johanna and the "boy-knitter"..I have no idea what his name was...

We were 12-ish knitters on board..including my 6 years old daughter:)

The two "boy-knitters" as Johanna called them...

Back by the Kibble Palace, I met several people I's Alice:)
More knitters

Ravelry cake made by theYarn cake
Ever so yummy, these cakes...whenever she does open her cafeshop..I'll be in for a sitting

Ysolda , Jessica and Casey right behind Jessica..the only people standing up;)

Casey, Jessica, TheYarnCake and Johanna- the Picknit organiser
Casey dished out Pimms, Jessica Strawberries and we got lots of cake..!

And this is among all the was one of the warmest days in July, so I found it slightly difficult to knit a winter shawl...! Had fun though

My 6 years old daughter taking overYsolda's blanket;) and helping to hand out Ravelry badges

The rest of the park was full of non knitters too...!
Lovely bunch of Glasgow knitters

Daughter also taking pics..oh..-and there I am too

Her t-shirt says: I'm blogging am I  and I loved her t-shirt-

And here they are..the people most the knitters were there to see..

Casey and Jessica from Ravelry and Ysolda Teague

I had a great day, a big thank you to Johanna and theyarncake that organised this event..
Thank you to Casey, Jessica and Ysolda for joining us here in Glasgow..

And a big thank you  to all my fellow knitters that were there, hope you enjoyed it much as I did:)


  1. Åh, det ser ut som at dere hadde det kjempekjekt!

  2. Å det ser ut som du har hatt en skikkelig koselig tur, IKKE misunnelig i DET hele tatt*rister på hodet*

  3. Hi Linn!
    Sadie here - love your pics, thanks for posting them! Just to say, the blonde boy-knitter's name is Joe, he's one of the Regular PicKnitters (but not on Ravelry), and the other gentleman knitter is Ben aka Benguin on Ravelry!
    It was lovely to meet you the other day, hope to see you again soon! xx

  4. Hej Linn, er du Kate Linn fra Ravelry? Det er mig med t-shirten! Den kommede fra

    Må jeg tag en kopi af billeder for at vise venner (på nettet)?


    Megan (MeganFarr på Ravelry)

  5. Ni ser ut att ha haft det jættetrevligt! Bor du i Glasgow? Jag gillar Skottland.

    Tack før kommentaren! Jag lægger till dig med! :)

  6. hey.... the boy knitter was Joe, which is me! Love your blog and your yarns!!!


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