Tuesday, 29 January 2008

i just noticed that i have been tagged for the first time, by heather..here goes:

1) Age you will be on your next birthday:the big 30
2) Place you would like to visit: Macchu Piccu
3) One of your favourite places:home in Norway!!
4) Your favourite object:circular needles
5) Your favourite food:uhm,my morning coffee...?? and apples
6) Your favourite animal:maja, my lovely cutie cat living with my mum in Norway..oh i miss my baby
7) Your favourite colour:purple, red, royal blue
8) Name of a past pet :in order: pussi, pippi, pamela, sander, kurt, maja...can you belive it ..i have forgotten the names of my budgies and mice..oh no
9) where do you live:outside Glasgow
10) First teacher's last name: orrem
11) Your middle name: marit elsie
12) A bad habit of yours:leaving dishes to the next morning.ugh
13) Your favourite flower:tulips
14) Your favourite holiday:christmas in Norway,and a warm summer holiday

when you read this, consider yourself tagged!!(yeah,doing it the lazy way today..sorry)

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