Wednesday, 30 January 2008


ooooh!!! it's so upsetting, i am mainly knitting rather big things such as shawls..and i feel that three big shawls are enough at one time...but i am so eager to start another one..the "sin-fru" shawl/stole..but i feel that i need to finish mystic water first.

i suppose i oughta finish my january hat too, before it's ..ehhh february and time for another hat. And i guess in a few days it's time for a new pair of socks in the meantime..i will do my best to do a little of MW every day! i am trying to do most of my housework before i need to take my daughter to the nursery, and that way i have some lovely knittingtime all to myself! we are only speaking about just over 1 hour but still....i will have some photos soon enough, i hope!!

aa aa aaaa!!! det er saa dumt, jeg holder paa aa strikke nesten bare store ting saann som sjal...og jeg synes at tre store sjal er nok aa strikke paa en jeg har saa lyst til aa begynne paa et til, "sin fru" sjal... men jeg foeler at jeg boer bli ferdig med MW sjalet foerst.

jeg burde vel bli ferdig med januar lua ogsaa foer det er tid for ehhh..februarlua!!Og det er vel bare et par dager foer det er tid tilaa begynne paa februarsokene ogsaa! jeg skal gjoere mitt beste for aa strikke litt paa mw hver dag! jeg forsoeke aa gjoere unna mesteparten av husarbeidet foer jeg maa gaa til barnehagen, saan at jeg kan faa lit strikketid , helt alene i huset. det er bare snakk om en time, men alikevel...jeg har nok noen bilder snart..haaper jeg..!

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