Sunday, 5 February 2012

About time

It's about time that we got started, YES we have had our first day of exersice this year but it won't be the last. I am hoping for another 30 minutes tomorrow...AND in March my dancing will start up again.

I can't wait to get dancing again...out come the jazz shoes and the tap shoes! These are not the tap shoes 'i have..i just WANT them with the cuban heel and teletones if you can!

I found my camera today, so now I can once again get some photos on here, yay!!

1 comment:

  1. Jøss,danser du stepp dans.Utrolig morro da!Skulle gjerne testet det ut selv,men tviler det er så mange som driver med dette her i Norge;p,forøvrig så har du absolutt drømmehåret!Langt,tykt og flott.Mange som kunne gjort mye for å ha et slikt hår.



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