Wednesday, 15 February 2012


What a day I have had....I had been away helping out at a Weight Watchers meeting in Shettleston and came home , let the cat out and then saw something brown-ish lying on the lawn of my backgarden. What is that? Is it a Tesco bag that has blown I went out to investigate. And MY GOD, it was a FOX! A real live fox lying in my didn't move, it was just lying there and stared at me. My hands shaking and yes..I was a bit scared

I ran in, phoned my husband and he said that SSPCA was the best option, so I phoned them. I was told to make lots of noise to see if it could move..I did and it turned around and crawled in the hedge..but I could still see it's tail. So..I went out again while speaking to an SSPCA Officer and by the time she had arrived it had crawled or limped away. It had been hit by a car at some upstairs neighbour said it had been there since atleat 11 this morning and my other neighbour said she let her dog out at 3 last night(???) and her dog had been barking like mad and she NEVER the fox was probably around then as well...poor thing.

.Now I know that if you get as close and 1.5 m. then you can phone SSPCA and they can rescue it..if it runs away before you get that close...they will never catch it...

This is not MY fox, but it was very similar!


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