Wednesday, 22 February 2012


I have been busy today, I went to help out at a Wegight Watchers meeting, and it was interesting to see the ladies with soot on their forehead...I actually really like the idea...yep, I might be weird but something about the togetherness of religion is something I really miss here in Scotland.

Anyway, this lady arrived...some of the helpers doesn't really like her..she is a bit weird..fairly slim, but neverhappy with herself...last time we saw her she was going to have a "boob job" ...and today she was back...we'll just have to wait and see what happens with Charlene..!

At Brownies today they had their Thinking Day...not intirely sure what it's all about, but Princess seems to enjoy it and that is the important thing. It lasted two hours..which  meant I got one hour to write letters and another hour at the wool shop joining in the knitting group...yes , loved it!

But I better head for bed just Avon delivery guy is coming tomorrow and I expect him between 7.30 and 0800 tomorrow morning,so I bettter be ready!! During Christmas he came just after 7..and I was in my bed sleeping..talking about abrupt wakeup...he must have been laughing at me in his van afterwards....heheh, I don't mind;)

Had a guy over to look at our boiler...we have had no heating for a few days now...and husband needs to get some parts and then Ian will come back and hopefully fix it for us!

I am going to bed soooo tired,, good night everyone!

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  1. Tenkedagen er viktig i speidersammenheng! Det er jo da Lord Baden-Powell og kona hadde bursdag! :D


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