Friday, 3 February 2012

Friday, yes!!

Oh, finally it's Friday.I have been waiting for this day since Wednesday.

Not that anything special is going on, it's just nice to not have to go out at 8.30 inthe morning when it's freezing cold outside. This afternoon is the time I need to go out and deliver my Avon stuff, i have several deliveries left and I really need to have some change to take with me tonight. I don't knowhow else I will manage to deliver all the stuff.

Anyway, Today I tried the new Avon shampoo and conditioner..I think I might like it alot. Will see when my hair is completely dry (m hair is long, so it takes a while).

In about two hour I  will be relaxing  with a cup of coffee, it will be so nice! Hoping Princess is in a good mood, so much easier to be a happy mum!

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