Thursday, 22 December 2011

Believe it!

Seriously!!! Believe it...I was 79.4 this morning...and I am almost near 78......78!!!!! I didn't thinkI would do it before Christmas, last year the Christmas eating started early December..and yes I have eaten the Kransekake  that we baked, we had to bake twice cause we ate it alll...hahahhah! Typical!!

But still, I will go to Norway near enough 8 kilos lighter than what i was last time they saw me. I don't know if they will see such a huge difference, as this time I don't feel so different. But doesn't matter that much (just a little) because I am still far of my goal. Goal is supposed to be....quite a bit less, let's just leave with that.

Am i obsessed with weight...a little, because if Iam not, I don't manage to lose weight..and being 87 kilos is not what I would like to be again. This time I will get straight back in there when we come home, and today I am going to purchase a new trackbook that will be waiting for me for the new year 2012.

I am very hopeful for 2012, very actually! I have managed to be so focused since August, I am sure I will manage to continue...and also there's some new programme material out and I can try it out. Filling and healthy!! It is really working and I am truly amazed!!!

Well, I better get ready, I will soon be picked I have contace lenses to put in, kids clothes to get ready...brekfast to fix...yes,..see you later!!

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