Wednesday, 14 December 2011


As I mentioned earlier, I have been busy using a couple of other blogs for different things, and one of those blogs had to do with health, diet and basically losing weight. My ultimate goal is to be at MY Weight Watchers goal by the time I am 35, and the countdown is on the ticker at the top.

These last few days I have been doing something called Filling and Healthy option, and so far it seems as it is working. This morning, the weight showed 80.2, and the goal has been, and still is:
 to be under 80 before we go to Norway.

It seems I am En Route! I will continue doing the filling and healthy, or grenn highlighted if you'd rather call it that.
This morning I am away to sunny Shettleston, and I will ask the ladies there how they are doing. And of course give them my update. I am rather excited to be honest.

I will give myself time off during Christmas, but will try to take it easy and not eat cakes and chocolate all day long. It's early in the morning, and I guess I need to get ready for the day. Another busy day as usual.

Happy happy happy!

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