Monday, 12 December 2011

Oh dear

I can not believe thatI have forgotten, or not bothered showing off my took me a looooong time to knit, og course had I knitted only the one project it wouldn't have taken this long. Roughly 48 hours of knitting spaced out from 1 January 2010 - Septemer 2011. So here it is, finished and dyed with Kool Aid..purple grapes I think the colour was called.

Yes, sure I should really have pinned it out in the hall or livingroom, but our Solveig-cat looooves the playmats, and if I put them somewhere she could get to, it would be nothing left of them the next morning.
I used  Patons 100% pure wool, 3ply and needles...probably 2.5 mm. Love the result if I  must say so myself !
This shawl is for ME!


  1. Woooow!
    For et arbeid!! Nydelig!! =)

  2. Helt nydelig! Og for et tålmodighetsarbeid. Dette kan du være stolt av! :)


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