Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Yes, as so many years before..I have joined knitalongs...and maybe this year I will follow though? You never know, I mighe amaze you (and myself). As well as the saving my pennies per ball of wool I knit, I am going to at all times always knit something for myself. Even going to try to finish the Botanica Medallion,

 What do you say to that??? I supposed that it's not really going to be much of a challenge as I am quite a selfish knitter anyway. I think I have even finished all the Xmas pressies for this year as there. Organised- me? Nah..

At this time, I think I might have joined another knitalong, but I can't remember...whenever I do remember..I will let you know.

I know for a fact I have knitted alot less this year than last year...over 1000 meters less..that is just no good. Hopefully with these knitalongs, I'll keep myself busy. Unless work interrupts me of course.

Anyway, time to finish up..I have about 15 minutes to fasten some loose ends so I willl love you and leave you.Will be back with pictures of the Chrismasscarf I finished a day or two ago.

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