Saturday, 31 December 2011

Summary and stuff

The old year is nearly history, so a tiny little summery is due..!

I......knitted and crocheted 11276 meters in 2011
I......wrote 104 letters in 2011 1 book in 2011
I      lost 7.5 kilos in 2011

I guess in some areas I can do better!

2012 will be even better than 2011, I am sure of it..more updates, more everything...all I am waiting for is for 2012 to actually start and that my stuffy ears from the plane yesterday will open up ASAP..because it took me nearly a week to hear properly last week..

And last but not least....At the end of the old year, I will say a big happy birthday to Christoffer I think he turns 4 this evening and I hope I have spelled his name correct..his mum will have to correct me if I am wrong.

Time for a rather late breakfast and some ear opening exercises!!
Until nest time..take care peeps!

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