Monday, 19 December 2011


Yep,k another rather large tidy up, this time everything that can be washed will be washed, and all magazines up of the floor...not so easy as I have hundreds of knitting mags. Yikes. But, our washing machine are constantly going, and we are taking the washed stuff the the laundrette to get it all dry. I still have alot of things to do, and I really do not have time to "hang" here on the computer.

Just saying hi, I am still here, but veeeery busy.Guess I should take some pics to show at some point. Oh, here came the mail, better run before Solveig the cat runs away with everything.

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  1. Gøy å lese! Godt ikke det var min Øyvind, da :P hehehe....
    Og så flink du er, under 80 kg!! Drømmer om å være der en vakker dag... ;)
    Hørte rykter om at vi kanskje ses hos Terje og Nancy i romjula?? Det hadde vært koselig :D


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