Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Is it Tuesday already? How did that happen...?
I didn't go online all yesterday, I collected my Avon books, and I am telling you....the antibiotics are working...I don't cough as much, and I CAN hear again..BUT there is another problem....my ribcage, lung or whatever it is...it's so sore when I try to brathe in, and move about..can't even bend down to pick something up...If nothing happens that changes this...I thinkI should visit the doctor again..this is just so weird..!

It's kinds funny, I mean to feel like this, cause it rarely happens to me..I am never ill for more than two weeks...and now..I am approachind the end of the fourth week of not feeling well.

Anyway, that's me...I have been knitting abit though,..but only written half a letter! Must get back into it, although it's difficult to focus with this pain in the ribs..!

So..what is next? I have about one hour to do some knitting and then I will head for my bed...I need to get to bed early, would like to read maybe half an hour before turning the light off. Told you I wanted to read more this year! We are already in the second week of the year and I have only written one letter..think I will bring stuff with me tomorrow so I can start on one..making plans, making plans...!

Also, this is day 7 of my 100 day challenge...I nearly had a bag of crisps earlier today...managed to remember my challenge and stay clear..yay for me!!

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