Monday, 30 January 2012

Just another

It's just another Monday, Princess is off school today....she didn't really feel great! Don't think she will sit here at home doing nothing, just watching tv..oh no!!

She isn't THAT ill, so she is working with her Norwegian homework, and it's really needed as we have fallen behind big style.

Then again ,we are working double..that means both 1 and 2 grade at the same time..just to be able to do 3rd grade on it's own after the summer holiday. So wee need to put in 3 hours every week I think- to catch up.

Yesterday we had lunch at mother in law's , it was a really nice dinner with lovely wine and too good a cake after. Result is of course..half a kilo on since yesterday morning. Oh well...not to worry to much. We don't see her that often anyway, I think I can live with it!!

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