Saturday, 14 January 2012

Yes yes

Yes yes, it's Saturday and we have been busy as usual. We were at this years first danceclass and I think Princess really enjoyed. And now  i know, her danceexam is on February 26 so I guess we better start practising at home every day so she passes it with flying colours.

While we were there the mailman came round with my new pencil...
A lime-greem Pentel Graph 1000, limited edition :) I love it! 
Also....husband suddenly started talking to me about a new phone for me...Vigin Media phoned about a good deal as we have been customers for such a long time...So....he is getting me a new phone!!

Apparently it's a HTC Wildfire, which is better than the one I have now..a Sony Ericsson I think.

So it has been a weird day for me, now stuff and new phone. This is not normal happenings for me. 
But I'll take what I get!!


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