Monday, 2 January 2012

Day 2

We're well int the new year by now, *I am still coughing like an old smoker* have had coffee but I am ready for another one by now.

Last night I found my knitting, and knitted a few repetitions on the Botanica, gonna finish it this year!!!!
I also found a book and starting reading it " the tibetan art of living" by Christopher Hansard.

I also wrote a few pages on a letter to my penpal Mari, so I am hoping that this year I will be even more organised than last year. I did pretty ok to be honest, but the last 4 months of the year it started falling apart again. I am not sure why, but I am sure I will last longer than August this time.

So my focus is going to be on keeping track and keeping order. Am I a perfectionist??? NOPE, but that is probably where the problem I will work on doing things better and doing more.

Hope you all have a great second day of the new year.Take care, and pop by soon. I wouldn't mind a little comment to let me know you were here...just say "hi" or something like that!

Hugs to you all


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