Friday, 13 January 2012

Day 10.

Or is it 11? I am in doubt now...! Still, I have been pretty good to be honest, and this seems to go well. My weigh in was yesterday and i had lost 1.5 lbs, and that is 0.6 kilos and i think that is ok.

I really want to start exercising, but I can just yet. I know I told you about my chest infection, what I didn't know then was that the pain under my ribcage would continue and get worse. I can not stratch, bend, jump run or cough without it hurting,...ALOT, and it seems I have pulled (or something like that) a muscle in my diaphragm and it will take some time to heal...i haven't been to the doctor with this pain, although I did mention it to him last Thursday. I am not sure wheather I should bother him with this or not. one way or the other....I can't do alot of exercise and my weightloss will be slow until I can start moving again.

But hey ho, i can stay away from sweets and stuff like that eh?
Have a great day everyone!!

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