Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Day 1

Day one is nearly over, and I have done really well..I must admit that those pink smarties that I know is in the pink Smartie tube right in front of me are veeeery tempting...but I will not be led into temptation by anything or anyone..not yet anyway, hahah! Just another few hours and I can colour in my first little heart!

I don 't know how my weight will be, I mean how much I put on over the holidays...but honestly..I don't care that much because I know I am on the right way anyway. I will start the new years tracking on Friday and I will fill in my whole new trackbook..because Weight Wachers has the most gorgeous trackbooks out this year....and I WANT ONE!! Gotta finish the one I bought before Christmas though.

Anyway, tomorrow is day 2 of my challenge.

Today it has been raining and it was really windy but Husband wanted to go for a walk...but my shoes are no longer waterproof, and I only have jeans for walking, so no need to say i was drenched and pretty cold after our walk to the Antonine Wall near Cumbernauld. I would like to do this walk again, preferably in dry conditions next time..!

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