Monday, 16 January 2012

Week 3

Week three started today and so far I have only completed one letter this year, and I am not inpressed by myself. The goal is to write 150 letters this year and this is not going as I planned. So, the goal for the day is to finish a letter to Petra, and start on the next one that needs to be finished by Saturday, you all know that is my mailing day.
Just to remind myself...I LOVE writing letters and I love all my penpals!! Get a move on now, they can't wait for your letter forever!!!

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  1. Du er FLINK, Linn! Her har jeg ikke skrevet stort med brev de siste årene... :( Savnet er stort i postkassa, kjenner jeg.

    Forresten, jeg har et julekort til deg liggende her.. *flau*


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