Friday, 6 January 2012


Yup, I went to the doc, told him about my cough and phlegm over the last 4 weeks, and now pain under the ribcage and loss of hearing...generally not too good these days..although  ~ Iam not actually feeling ill or anything, just a bit bothered.

So, doctor D. listened to my breathing, looked in my ears, took my temperature and looked down my throat.
The result is: Penicillin for a week, 3 times a day, and an inhaler for the wheezing in my chest. that I am to use 4 times a day untul I have stopped coughing.

These Asthma inhalers, yuck, not good tasting...I will be glad when I can put it away and never use it ever again hopefully! And honestly...i can#t wait to get rid of the catharr in my ears, cause I can't bloody hear!!!!

Aint it fun?

Tomorrow we have another day off, all I am going to do is to go out and deliver my Avon books, I don't have more than 10 books anyway so it will be quick. Hopefully I will get a few orders!

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  1. God bedring, Linn!
    Og lykke til med utfordringa, you can do it! :D
    Hjerter var jo en MYE bedre ide enn trekanter, da... ;)
    Jeg har fargelagt 5 trekanter, og er superfornøyd med meg selv, og idag veide jeg 1,9 kilo mindre enn 1.januar! Måtte det fortsette... ;)
    Klem til deg!


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